Bandh and its Effects

Protest of any kind culminates in bandhs in Bengal but does this really help the cause? Well for some it may be but, the end users of our society get the impact of it. I mean to say about the daily waged labours that come in their cycles travelling 15-20 km from interior villages that work hard in the scorching sun or gets drenched in the rain and again dried up like our clothes in the sun can get only hunger the main evil of this society to satisfy with a result of bandhs. It should be born in our sophisticated intellectual that we may have bank balance or may have resources to wade off the impact of bandhs but, they don't have the legitimacy to enjoy a hartal.

They have small kids who won’t get proper food as their dad didn't go out for work! Isn’t that shameful! What evil did that small Kid do to feel the venom of bandh! The kis will demand for this or that like egg for his lunch but sorry to say he can’t get it. The kid will make many stub born gestures for refusal of egg and as a result will get a tight slap from dad out of anger! Is this the solution that we wanted! 

Everyone will say my story is hypothetical but to them this is the root cause of Mao or naxals as Bharat has the proof of "nil bidroh". Please go to the past read history and you may understand the point. 

Next point is the suffering of patients. We should go to any remote village in India and see how a patient is bullied by the protestors! Man its shocking! They won’t let go the vehicle even if the condition is bad. Is this the result that we are looking for! 

Schools and colleges are closed. Why? Its bandh! 

Can anyone in this world stop the earth from rotating? If no, then why the student will be victimized?

For me bandh is not the solution of anything. We must raise our mind to make bandh as evil as a curse.

Jai Hind.

by Dr. Raja Bhowmic