Terrorism has emerged as one of the greatest threat to humankind. It exercises violence to intimidate the human race for their political, religious, and ideological goals. Over the past one year, since the formation of the new government at the Center, development on the grounds enhanced peace and prosperity for the north-eastern regions. Thus, AFSPA has been recently revoked in Tripura.

In the recent days, on June 4, Indian soldiers from the 6-Dogra Regiment were returning home with their bags after serving a tour at the north-eastern regions. On their way, unfortunately an ambush was carried by militants; sacrificing their lives, they flee to Myanmar.

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, since his first day of his office pledge all countries for ‘Zero Tolerance’ towards “Terrorism” and seek international cooperation; added a slogan, “Terrorism Divides, Tourism Unites.” Pained by the death of Indian soldiers in the above surprise attack; his office, through his diplomatic channels cleared ways for the Indian Army to hunt down the rebels.

According to news reports, on June 6, military air carrier marched Manipur. The Indian Army collected intelligence reports and initiated a surgical operation. The commandos from the 21-Para Special Forces entered the dense forest along with their squads across the border of Myanmar and reached the two camps where militants were hiding, eliminating all of them in just 45 minutes and come back home safely, without any casualties.

This operation has spread tremendous stress in those countries which has been giving training to militants against India.


Shri Babu Dubey Shri Sumit Baradia