Fate of Women and Girls under a Woman CM

The condition of women in West Bengal has gone from bad to worse in the last 4years. 

Rape, assault, kidnapping, sexual violence has become the order of the day in West Bengal. Security for women has gone for a toss and no place in the state is considered safe for our women folks. While this is what the general Bengali is experiencing everyday throughout the state, the CM and her government is patting their backs for some notional 'Kanya Shree' program.

In Bengali-Hindu tradition we term everything holy & auspicious as 'Shree'. I couldn't understand if this government is mocking the pitiable condition of our women folks by adding these kind of adjectives or the lust of power has made Mamata Banerjee so arrogant that she isn't bothered about welfare anymore and is only interested in electoral success at all cost. So she will pamper all the criminal elements who ensures block votes during elections and reward them with administrative protection against all their misdeeds and criminal activities. A rerun of the Buddhadeb syndrome indeed, hence fall is eminent.

State Media Convener 
BJP - West Bengal