Open Letter to Mr. Kamal Gandhi from Bengali Rajasthani Youth

Open Letter :
To my utter surprise, found an appeal in Hindi daily from a Marwari community to vote for a particular political party. It was very surprising as never seen such an appeal earlier. I have learnt now that Mr. Kamal Gandhi is behind this appeal. So i thought of writing an open letter to Mr. Kamal Gandhi and ask few questions.
 Dear Mr. Kamal Gandhi & Associates,
I am writing this open letter to you as Young Bengali Marwari (don’t call myself Marwari as we are people of Rajasthani origin, Marwar is a particular region of Rajasjthan and surprisingly most of the people in West Bengal are of Sekhwati region and not of Marwar region).
I have read first about you few days back when it was reported that you have thrown up a party for a candidate of ruling party where 200 odd people gathered and vowed to support a particular political party in upcoming Bidhan nagar municipal election. Media also reported that you was someone who was closely associated with Late CPM leader earlier and acted as Bridge between government and community. I must say that Media overrated you by giving status as Bridge. I don’t think that any community needs someone to act as Bridge between community and government. I would like to ask you few questions:
1- Why would anyone issue an appeal to community? If you are supporting a particular political party then you along with your supporters could have gone for campaigning for that political party but why you wanted to showcase your support for particular political party?
2- Why do you want the world to know that you are the person behind this? It usually happens only if someone have vested interests. I have read that you are into realty business and always looking for political favours. what are your interest?
3-  Rajasthani community is much more diversified community now whereas people are into every professions and became CA, MBA, Fashion designer, Journalist and Doctor compare to their earlier involvement only to Business. Why are you insulting a community by issuing a fatwah type vote appeal which has over the years acquired Bengali senses and sensibilities?
4- Why there was an appeal from the community when there was none from past? 
5- What are your credentials? What’s your contribution to the poorest of poor? Are you a Saint?
I am sure most of Bengali Rajasthani youths will vote fairly and not because of your vote appeal to vote for a particular political party.

by Anonymous Bengali Rajasthani Youth