Prime Minister Narendra  Modi has been under constant criticism by the media and opposition for being out of India often.

Their case is based on the assumption that the country’s Prime Minister should remain in India to administer the country leaving diplomacy to the Ministers and Foreign Ministry officials.

If that is the case, why can’t the Council of Ministers take care of the country through the portfolios allocated to them while the Prime Minister takes part in the global initiatives of his Government.

Statement issued by 46 academics against "leftist" historians

A group of eminent historians, archaeologists and scholars have responded to two separate statements on the issue of 'rising intolerance' — one issued by 53 academic historians and the other, an open letter by academic historians and social scientists of India at academic institutions overseas — saying they are "neither intellectual nor academic in substance, but ideological and, much more so, political."
Here's the full text of their statement:

Open Letter to Mr. Kamal Gandhi from Bengali Rajasthani Youth

Open Letter :
To my utter surprise, found an appeal in Hindi daily from a Marwari community to vote for a particular political party. It was very surprising as never seen such an appeal earlier. I have learnt now that Mr. Kamal Gandhi is behind this appeal. So i thought of writing an open letter to Mr. Kamal Gandhi and ask few questions.
 Dear Mr. Kamal Gandhi & Associates,
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