A Rally, “Tollywood Banchao Abhijaan”, on 23.2.2021

Published on February 23, 2021

A Rally, “Tollywood Banchao Abhijaan”, (Protest against the monopolisation of the industry by the so called Biswas Brothers)

This rally will be conducted under the leadership of Film Maker and State BJP Secretary, Smt. Sanghamitra Chaudhuri from Kishore Kumar Statue, Tollygunge at 2:30 PM

The Rally will cover Technicians’ Studio, NT1 Studio and end at Dassani Studio at 4 PM.

Actors and Technicians including Shri. Suman Banerjee, Cultural Convenor, Shri. Rudranil Ghosh, BJP Leader, & Sushri. Rimjhim Mitra, Secretary, BJYM West Bengal will be present at the Rally.